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Reply to "Farewell to the World - CD & DVD"

Must say I'm a little worried about the lack of interest the music stores have given the DVD/CD out here in Werribee.

At the shopping centre I can report a big let down from the two big department stores. Both Big W and K-Mart did not have the CD or DVD on display... strangely though they have seemed to stocked up on the Split Enz DVD and the Crowdies "Woodface/Together alone double pack".

At Sanity, both the DVD and CD were out the front on their New release stand - both mixed in with other artists. DVD there was about $30.

Then I went to JB Hi-Fi, were on Thursday I had seen they had stocked on all the Crowded House CDs, including a huge amount of "Recurring Dream" which was discounted to $8.99

However today, sadly the DVD was not at the front of the store... in fact right down the back with the regular bunch of DVDs.
Still got it at a good price of $24.29 (that's the SE one too!)

I was about to post earlier today about the lack of promotion for the DVD/CD... but then it hit me like a Grand Piano falling out of the sky.

I think EMI have been laying low on this release, due to the U2 and Beatles album being out this weekend. AND with the 10th Anniversary of the concert being Friday the 24th, I see a bit of press coming up.

Mr. Green - is the Herald-Sun Hit guide doing a piece/feature article and review on it this week (for Thursday)? I hope they are, and with Neil and Nick working together again, that's some pretty darn good copy there for their Journos.

Anyway... I have my DVD now and am happy Big Grin

Peter H.
    All times London, UK.

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