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Reply to "Fang radio thurs / fri"

@In2FINN2 posted:

... and in the aftershow ...

Tell Me C'mon
Rocky Raccoon [The Beatles]   
I Hope I Never
no extra info on these ... yet ... Jeremy's taking very well deserved day(s) off 

Instinct is from the 1995 York Street demos by the Peter Jones-era Crowded House line-up.

Tell Me C’Mon is the 2004 b-side of the Finn Brothers CD-single for Edible Flowers.

Rocky Raccoon (snippet) sounds like it’s also from a Fang Radio session.

I Hope I Never was recorded at Split Enz’ Enz With a Bang Tour of 1984, if I’m not mistaken at the very last show in Auckland. It’s the punk version with Neil singing lead.

    All times London, UK.

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