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07th May 2020
Fangradio highlights 09

Fingers Of Love 09-04-20
Any Other Way 24-03-20
Lester 24-04-20
In My Command 11-04-20
Lost Island 25-03-20
Wicked Game 10-04-20
Italian Plastic 26-03-20
My Army of Birds and Gulls 16-04-20
Man of the World 13-04-20

and behold ... more treasure in the after show ...

unreleased instrumental - by Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, James Pinker and more, circa 1997
Newcastle Jam - by Crowded House (unreleased version with extra overdubs, 1992-3)
So Long For Now (early Split Enz cover) 06-04-20

    All times London, UK.

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