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@Guy. posted:

I’m very excited about “Terrify the Ones Who Love You”; another “new” Crowded House song after we’ve been treated to so many goodies with the deluxe editions.

It’s almost a punk song, reminiscent of Split Enz’ Frenzy-era. 

@Jaffaman do you know who wrote it? I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t written solely by Neil.

I don't know for sure.

But wow, some strong reactions on this forum to this track. Most people commenting on Mixlr during the broadcasts loved it, as do I. The sudden change in tempo near the end is comic genius too. The track's always reminded me of the Jazz Numbers clip on Sesame St, sung by Grace Slick.

But hey, it's ok to not like it (sorta.) Neil didn't want it on the Deluxe Edition due to the lack of lyrics. He's just singing a nonsensical guide.

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