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@In2FINN2 posted:

03rd May 2020
Fangradio highlights 05

Harry's Theme (Fangradio Theme)
Missing Person 23-03-20
I Love You Dawn 30-03-20
When Doves Cry 22-04-20    
Everybody's Talking 13-04-20    
Into Temptation 14-04-20    
Sister Madly 16-04-20    
Soul Love 01-04-20
Independence Day 26-04-20    
Chocolate Cake 17-04-20

Jeremy generously also included an unreleased gem in the aftershow ...
Everything Is Good For You [Crowded House] - Unreleased demo from York St Studio sessions, 1995. 

You'll hear it first on FANGradio ... so do join in !

Did Peter Jones play drums on the York Street demo? 


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