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28th April 2020
Fangradio highlights 01
Jeremy's selection from previous shows and a few extras ...

Pye Floater (demo)  
Harry's theme (Fangradio theme)
Locked Out  30-03-20     
Message To My Girl  01-04-20    
"Heroes" 09-04-20   
Listen  02-04-20   
Last One Standing  14-04-20    
Anger Plays A Part  02-04-20    
History Never Repeats 18-04-20
"Buddy's Scat" by Buddy Finn 

Note: these "highlights" shows start at 03 PM LA local time and will be the broadcast for the next couple of weeks while CROWDED HOUSE works on the new album.
Scoop: the show next Thursday night - Thursday afternoon / Friday morning for New Zealand-Australia listeners will have a guest DJ ... none other than Johnny Marr (The Smiths) !

How soon is ... Thursday ? 

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