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Reply to "Fang radio thurs / fri"

So the news from today’s show was neil’s response to why matt and mark arent in the crowdies anymore ...

First time he’s addressed it.

two part answer along the lines of the band recorded some stuff a few years ago and neil didnt think it was very good ... nobody’s fault yada yada ... bands need to evolve ... when he played with liam and elroy and nick it felt good again ... 


I listened to this only this morning and although I am the first to recognise Neil can do whatever he wishes - I wasn't satisfied with this reply.

  IMHO the bonus tracks on the Intriguer deluxe which I think are some of the tracks Neil was uninspired by are phenomenal - 2 Minutes Silence in particular is better than any track on Intriguer and I am a huge fan of Intriguer, I think it is much under appreciated by the fan base.  Also Strangest Friends is my favourite track of Dizzy Heights  so I was really pleased to discover it was an Intriguer deluxe song - it is so Crowded House at their best.

Neil is totally entitled to his view, but for me it just adds to  my theory that Neil does not know when he is onto a good thing musically,a point I have raised before in previous threads.

As for the future of Crowded House, I like and agree with Neil's assertion that it should evolve and I await the new iteration with interest and some trepidation.  Why trepidation?  In straight terms if Crowded House is becoming the Finn family band plus Nick I am not sure it will work.

To be honest, I found Lightsleeper really disappointing and now I hardly play it.  Maybe one of Neil's better recent decisions was to abandon the promotion of Lightsleeper in favour of touring with Fleetwood Mac.

So we shall see will the new Crowded House album be new and inspiring without Mark  and Matt or will it be a second snooze -  Lightsleeper part 2?




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