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Reply to "Fang radio thurs / fri"

In2FINN2 posted:

04th April 2020
Neil SOLO (guitar)
slightly different concept tonight: playing LIVE as well as adding live recordings, unreleased recordings ...  

Ashes To Ashes [David Bowie]  STUNNING  
Too Good Boogie - unreleased jam from the NEW album sessions !
Where Is My Soul [Finn Brothers] - live at Sydney State Theatre circa 1996
Stereo Love - title appeared as such during the chat; unreleased instrumental demo backing track - Neil invited to use this track and create your own song, royalty free ! 
Here Comes The Sun [George Harrison]
Not Like Other Men [Mick Fleetwood - Neil Finn] - unreleased collaboration


oops, forgot to add the showstopper after Not Like Other Men ...

Don't Dream It's Over

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