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In2FINN2 posted:

25th March 2020
Neil SOLO (new microphone)

I Can't Give You Anything But Love [Jimmy McHugh (music) and Dorothy Fields (lyrics), also perfomed by Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt & Freddy Taylor, ...]
reading a love letter from Katherine Mansfield to John Middleton Murray
Love This Life
Lost Island  !!
Fall At Your Feet - Anniversary request
Julia [The Beatles - John Lennon]
Catherine Wheels - take 1
Catherine Wheels - take 2
When You Come  ... vocal FULL ON, hence some clipping , the new mike passing the initiation test

These are GLORIOUS shows !! So Grateful 

I had somehow missed this one!!  Which means I can listen to it now! 🙂👍

Thanks for posting. 

“Lost Island” is one of my all time favourite Neil songs and one I had asked for in the madly scrolling chat window a few shows ago.  

This has made my (Sun)day! 

Love and best wishes to all, from a wet and windy east of England. 

    All times London, UK.

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