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Reply to "Fanclub presale link"

Originally Posted by alkady:
Originally Posted by Astrid:


I'm sorry Alkady, I don't understand what you mean?
How do you mean log on? Where? I did receive a confirmation from peter that my preorder was received and payed.

I just tried to also order from the MusicGlue site. I don't mind ending up with two copies if that gets me access now, but I didn't receive a password after buying there..

did you buy off the neil website link? if you did then you have to re log onto the acc then it sends presale pword

Well I've just ordered the CD and logged into the newly-created musicglue account (though it said I was already signed up, which I didn't realise) - it sent me a new password link where bizarrely I had to put the confirmation password in before the starting password - as if I'm not confused enough already - so I now have absolutely no idea if I will get an email with the ticket password.  Alkady's message suggests I will - and yes, I am seriously late for work.


I've got so many flipping tabs open on my machine now that I can no longer cope 

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