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I wonder if this was an attempt to rework the verses from Lucky v2? Or the other way round? The imagery and ideas seem quite similar to me, in particular "Precaution prepares you for nothing" and "Before they break in to steal the silver / Thieves come round to admire the lock".

I don't remember if I've written this before (probably have) but to me, it's about dreading and fearing something to the point that it takes over your life. That something may never happen or may be not be as bad as you thought. [Replace 'something' with your own details Wink ]

For comparison, my transcription of Lucky from the Enmore shows:

"Last night I went to bed with my clothes on
Like I was ready for action
Got the feeling there's something wrong
Dream of birds that fly upside down
Trees that grow underground
I woke up with footsteps under the floor
Spaceship landing next door
Creatures no-one had seen before
The future had come to turn me round
It's all in front of me now
Last night I fell asleep at the wheel
And this time it was for real
Windows breaking and twisted steel"

Eyes Grow Heavy is less obvious, less graphic, more open-ended and more powerful, I think. As bleak as it seems, it's also comforting. It's a classic example of Neil's writing. I love it.

Holy crow. If this doesn't absolutely reek with alien abduction then, I don't know what does.

Maybe I've parked myself on the Sci-Fi channel one hour too long somewhere along the way, but I've seen a program or three about the topic and fear and dread are huge emotions experienced by people who claim they're being beamed up to the mother ship for experimentation, impregnation etc.

And these lyrics you've just posted (which I now recall from TIYL Version II aka "Lucky Lola" seem to speak to that as well.

My opinion stands though, I love love love this song. It's haunting and quite lovely and the vocal is very well done and expressed.

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