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Reply to "Every Crowded House Album Ranked--Music Feeds"

1. Together Alone - My favorite album of all time. There is a sense of space and place in this album unlike any other I know. 

2. Woodface. Probably has the best pop hits, flawlessly executed with musicality, musicianship and class. 

3. Time on Earth. Upon release, I didnt like this anywhere near as much as I do now. Contains so many songs that truly speak to me. Probably my go to crowdies* album these days. 

*I know.

4. Temple of Low Men. This album probably has the highest peaks for me. I feel possessed,  into temptation and better be home soon?  Ridiculously good.

5. Afterglow. How does that work so well as an album? No idea but it does.

6. Intriguer. Strange one. I think I like it a good deal when I'm actually listening to it, just unlikely to spin it up.

7. Crowded House. I cannot justify this being last on my list but today it is. It's either fatigue or the feeling that it is "of its time"...  I'd travel a long way to hear Neil play ddio tomorow... but havent purposely listened to the album version in years. Consequently the album gets swerved.


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