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Reply to "Every Crowded House Album Ranked--Music Feeds"

I REALLY  don't agree with this.

For me I'd go:

1) Together Alone - favourite album ever love everything except Skin Feeling, every other song is breathtakingly brilliant 10/10

2) Woodface - Really amazing pop album, lots of good fun, even enjoy stuff on the less popular second half like As Sure As I Am and Italian Plastic 9/10

3) Afterglow - Underrated as hell, how Anyone Can Tell and Time Immemorial are not considered some of CH's best is beyond me 9/10

4) Temple of Low Men - Firstly, best run of singles ever (Better Be Home Soon, I Feel Possessed, When You Come, Into Temptation and Sister Madly), album tracks not quite as good (apart from Never Be The Same) 8/10

5) Intriguer - Again really underrated, I actually enjoy the different tone to this album and it feels like a band reinventing themselves 8/10

6) Time on Earth - Suffers from lack of Mark and Matt, second half of album is a bit weaker as well 7/10

7) Crowded House - Just can't get into the eighties production, with a few exceptions every song sounds the same to me, still good singles and a few gems 5/10

    All times London, UK.

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