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Reply to "Every Crowded House Album Ranked--Music Feeds"

The Pineapple Head posted:
Above the Kitchen posted:

Nice inclusion of Afterglow in your ranking, TPH.  Often forgotten, Afterglow is a prime example of Neil’s songwriting prowess and the group’s magical sound.  How many groups have an odds and sods album that is as good or better than the studio releases? 

Well I feel with the 2016 reissues, it is now a definitive album.

I echo these sentiments, Afterglow stands alone as a classic collection of songs.
1. Together Alone
2. Afterglow
3. Woodface
4. Temple of Low Men (In the Lowlands deserves more credit!!!)
5. Time On Earth
6. Crowded House
7. Intriguer

    All times London, UK.

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