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Reply to "Every Crowded House Album Ranked--Music Feeds"

My list:

1. Together Alone- Despite what many say about ‘Skin Feeling’ it’s a prime example of Paul’s intimate, funny and perhaps nostalgic song writing ability. Neil takes us to various places as well, from ‘Kare Kare’ to ‘ Walking on the spot’ I always play this album all the way through.

2. Woodface- So many songs I adore on this album! From the feel good classics to the story told in ‘How will you go’ with a beautiful harmony from the Finn’s. ‘I’m still here’ is also a pleasant surprise (also love ‘All I ask’) 

3. Temple Of Low Men- Morbid yet meaningful this album is like an emotional roller coaster. From the classic ‘Better be home soon’ and ‘Love this life’ Neil really told some amazing stories and definitely captured emotions and events in this album.

4. Afterglow- Every song on this album is lovely and I will forever sing ‘My telly’s gone bung’ when anyone complains about a soap opera storyline. Neil’s ‘I love you dawn’ and ‘I am in love’ have stuck with me since I was little.

5. Crowded House- Will always appreciate the 80s style on this one and will never tire of the happy vibe it gives off.

6. Recurring Dream- While it is seen as more of a greatest hits album as it is a compilation of their hits ‘Not the girls you think you are’, ‘Everything is good for you’ and ‘Instinct’ are good songs (especially ‘Everything is good for you’) and are more often than not, forgotten.

7. Time on Earth- Always find myself fishing for it in the cabinet but skip many of the songs and tend to only listen to ‘Don’t stop now’ often.

    All times London, UK.

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