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Enz Anniversary/Holmes and more

Ok we have been sitting on this for a few weeks....waiting till we got the ok.
Yes it's true the Holmes show will run a ONE hour Enz show on December 10th. I am still tied to some veil of secrecy (sorry) but some Enz members will be in attendance, and if all goes well the band (can't say what lineup thats part of the secret) may play a song or two.
It's live to air from a secret location. Various people are being interviewed and some club members who replied to my "Are you a big Enz NZ fan" Post may be in attendance.
I have suggested to the Holmes people and Mushroom NZ to try and make this an internet webcast...but no luck yet. If anyone has an feedback Email address for TVNZ/Holmes maybe post it here so people can email them and ask for it to be shown on the WWW.
A few more details are in the upcoming newsletter.....still have to stay MUM about some of this....still at least some celebration is in store. One of the Mushroom people told me that Phil isn't interested but he was asked
so I'm told.
More on this soon.....
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