Encore #2, 25 November 2016

Just got back from the show. Here's the setlist: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/...tralia-6bfa424a.html

Quick thoughts:

  • They soundchecked Recurring Dream again; didn't play it again! It is the only song to be done at both soundchecks and the only song from either soundcheck not yet played.
  • The first eight songs were magic, better than the first night. The run from "Whispers and Moans" to "Private Universe" was out of this world, one of the most spine-tingling sequences I have experienced at any gig ever (context: I go to about 70-80 shows per year).
  • "Nails in My Feet" is just superb; the ending absolutely soared.
  • More with Tim tonight - they added "How Will You Go" to the main set, and he got two songs rather than one in the encore.
  • I really didn't care for "Not the Girl", the crowd didn't seem to care for "Either Side of the World", and as much as I enjoyed "How Will You Go" it seemed to fall a little flat.
  • I would definitely say Thursday night had the better crowd and atmosphere, though tonight was not poor by any stretch of the imagination.
  • We got two songs from Time on Earth this time; "Pour le Monde" was pretty good.
  • There was a very humorous moment around "Pour le Monde" and "Don't Dream It's Over" when some fireworks started going off over the harbour! I've no idea what it was actually for but Neil joked they had arranged it. Fantastic timing.

On the whole, although the early going was superior tonight, I would say night one was the better show overall. It had for me a slightly better setlist (even with "Nails in My Feet" tonight) and I just enjoyed the overall atmosphere and experience more in the end. But holy god, songs 5-8, I will never forget how overwhelming that was.

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