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Doctor Update for Those Curious

Our 2-month appointment was yesterday afternoon. Everything is still going great, bloodwoork, blood pressure, only gained one pound...the doctor was very pleased with me.

We were very disappointed because we were expecting to get a sonogram but it didn't happen. So no pictures yet! We have been scheduled to have a sonogram in another two months, and it's a "level 12 sonogram" that will examine the baby's the gender thing will be pretty unmistake-able by then and we will be finding out. Wink

There was oddness, though. I am only eight weeks and change, but showing already. With my other 2, I didn't show until 4 and a half, 5 months. Also, eight weeks is a tad early to be able to hear a heartbeat, but we heard it loud, clear, and fast. I also knew exactly where the baby was, before the doctor found's low and on the left (because my back, on the lower left side, is already pretty uncomfortable). I'm really hoping it's not another one of these kids who sits on my sciatic nerve. Simon did that, and it was an agonizing 9 months after which my back was never the same.

Anyway, Jason's joke when he found out the baby's on the left: "Oh, great. Another liberal Democrat at our house...." Big Grin (Mommy silently cheers to herself and wonders how the name "Howard Dean McDonald" sounds...)

We're wondering, is this a really big baby (since Jay and I were both pretty big), or is there more than one? It would certainly serve us right for having our favorite band be Crowded House... I guess we'll see. One thing's for sure...if we somehow ended up with twin boys, all other name choices but Brian and Neil would suddenly fly out the window.... Wink

My paranoia because of what happened last time will finally disappear in about 3 weeks (or, 12th week). But, we've already made it further than last time, are into the third month, and have no indications that things are amiss (as we had several indications last time). Everyone knock on wood that I didn't just jinx myself by saying that...

I'm still appropriately ill and incredibly exhausted, and some days can't even wear a bra they hurt so bad. Those are all good signs, you have it, all the news that's fit to print. Thanks guys for your PM's and e-mails, they really make me feel special and cared about. I just haven't been as online anymore because I've spent more time on the couch and in the bathroom!!!
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