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May I suggest to anyone kind of on the edge of like/dislike, to first listen to Neil's inspiration for the song (thank you TMC)


Where can we listen to Neil's inspiration? What's TMC?

He discussed it on the webcast, really brings the inspiration to light.


Neil may have discussed where he got the original inspiration from for the song but something he failed to realise is not everyone knows what he was talking about when he said "and Divebomber is a film that I saw on TCM recently" so for those out of the know:


Turner Classic Movies or "TCM" as it is known is a pay-tv channel broadcast worldwide. In both Australia and New Zealand, TCM focuses it's format on classic Hollywood movies. It tends to favour films from 1920 - 1970 with a few exceptions. Films like:

  •  Boys Town (Mickey Rooney, Spencer Tracy)
  •  Larceny Inc (Edward G. Robinson)
  •  The Mating Game (Tony Randall, Debbie Reynolds)
  •  You're In The Army Now (Jimmy Durante, Phil Silvers)
  •  Tom Thumb (Peter Sellers, Terry Thomas, Alan Young)
  •  Kissin' Cousins (Elvis)
  •  Blossoms In The Dust (Greer Garson)
  •  They Were Expendable (John Wayne)
  •  The Long, Long Trailer (Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball)


"Divebomber" is a 1941 war drama film starring Errol Flynn & Fred MacMurray. I would suggest that anyone here who has not seen the film "Divebomber" to search for the plot on Wikipedia (probably one of the only times you can trust wikipedia - rarely seen a page that's dedicated to film write-ups to be incorrect) or imdb.


EDIT: PS - In Australia, TCM is currently being carried by FOXTEL. A family member is a real movie buff and she watches it all the time.

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