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Reply to "Distant Sun"

wow! that was great...

well I personally have a theory for the
"seven worlds collide" line (my favourite) but I dunno if it's any good.

I've ntoiced this in myself. At home, I'm a totally different person than at school. Then, I'm different again at my grandparents, and different again with my friends.I think it kinda fits into the "growing theory"

As you grow, you kinda "shed" alter egos, they sorta merge into one. Many "grown-ups" "get rid of" or bury their silly selves, and become all professional and dignified. they only let their silly side show occasionally to people they are close to.

But, not being grown up, that theory could be shot to pieces by you grown up people here...

Oops, I forgot to mention where the seven worlds collide whenever I am by your side...

Maybe "you" can't decide which of your alter egos "you" want to be with "I"
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