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Reply to "Different Frenzy Track Lists"


Yes, I realise Frenzy 1981 had songs that were not on the original 1978 release. I was just confused by seeing other tracklistings referring to the songs as the "Luton" version (as opposed to another (?) version).

I'll go ahead and assume that She Got Body, She Got Soul is, in fact, the Luton version. Obviously I'll have a far better understanding after hearing it, which I'm about to get around to.

Also there was a song "The Roughest Toughest Game in the World"which was on there but was cut from the 1981 version.

Not to mention Famous People and Abu Dhabi.

Was there ever another version of Livin' It Up? In my file, I have it listed as the "Luton version" - as if to distinguish it from another version.

Also, it seems I attributed gph's quote to you in my previous comment. I knew it wasn't you who wrote it, but when I added the quote code it posted with your name attached. I'll change that now.

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