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Reply to "Different Frenzy Track Lists"


I just stumbled across this post from @gph in another thread from years ago.

@gph posted:

1. I See Red (same as Mushroom version)
2. Give It a Whirl (remix)
3. Master Plan (remix)
4. Betty (Remix)
5. Frenzy (Remix)
6. Stuff & Nonsense (remix)
7. Marooned (Remix)
8. Hermit McDermitt (Luton version)
9. Holy Smoke (Luton)
10. Semi-detached (Luton)
11. Carried Away (Luton)
12. She got body, she got soul (Luton version)
13. Mind over matter (Luton)
14. Livin' it Up (Luton)

This claims that only I See Red was the original Mushroom version, and that all the other non-remixed tracks were from Luton (and this not from the original 1979 issue of Frenzy).

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