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Reply to "Different Frenzy Track Lists"

This has been a great topic and it's been very informative. I have mailed off my A&M Frenzy record to a friend who can put it on CD for me. In the meantime, I have gone through the Frenzy tracks and fixed volume problems, added some compression, and created what I consider to be a more enjoyable Split Enz album. Using what I learned from the Enzology I pulled together B-sides and other songs that were recorded during the Frenzy era and here it is:

Frenzy (improved)
1. Give is a Whirl
2. I See Red
3. Master Plan
4. Stuff and Nonsense
5. Hermit McDermitt (Luton track from Spellbound)
6. Things (single)
7. She Got Body She Got Soul
8. Semi Detached (Luton track from Spellbound)
9. Abu Dhabi
10. Two of a Kind (b-side)
11. The Roughest Toughest Game

So, I know I left a lot off but I really can't stand songs like Betty, Frenzy, and Famous People. I may add on some Luton tracks from the A&M record if they're any good. I like what I've heard of Neil's "Carried Away."
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