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Reply to "Different Frenzy Track Lists"

Painaporo wrote:

but I also found this:

Frenzy (81 US A&M SP-3153) LP
1. Side One: I See Red (3:15)
2. Give It a Whirl (2:52)
3. Master Plan (3:00)
4. Betty (4:42)
5. Frenzy (2:15)
6. Stuff and Nonsense (4:30)
7. Marooned (2:15)
8. Hermit McDermitt (4:19)
9. Holy Smoke (3:15)
10. Semi Detached (5:05)
11. Carried Away (4:34)
12. She Got Body (2:55)
13. Mind Over Matter (2:52)
14. Livin' It Up (1:15)
Jaffa, are you aware of this album floating around out there anywhere, and therefore being available second hand?

Once again, this variation is completely news to me, and I'm rather floored by it. I also love Frenzy and would love to have the chance to listen to 11. and 14. above. I visit second hand stores when I get the chance, but I don't do it often, and the results are usually disappointing.

Otherwise, fantastic news about Frenzy, and even more fantastic news about Luton Big Grin Would Luton be released as a CD, or would the songs be mixed onto compilations as sweeteners? Smiler It may be too early to tell, but its a very exciting prospect Wink
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