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Different Frenzy Track Lists

Can anyone fill me in on why there are at least two different track listings for the Frenzy album? The one I have on CD goes as follows:

I See Red
Give It a Whirl
Master Plan
Famous People
Hermit Mcdermit
Stuff and Nonsense
The Roughest Toughest Game
She Got Body She Got Soul
Abu Dhabi
Mind over Matter

but I also found this:

Frenzy (81 US A&M SP-3153) LP
1. Side One: I See Red (3:15)
2. Give It a Whirl (2:52)
3. Master Plan (3:00)
4. Betty (4:42)
5. Frenzy (2:15)
6. Stuff and Nonsense (4:30)
7. Marooned (2:15)
8. Hermit McDermitt (4:19)
9. Holy Smoke (3:15)
10. Semi Detached (5:05)
11. Carried Away (4:34)
12. She Got Body (2:55)
13. Mind Over Matter (2:52)
14. Livin' It Up (1:15)

is the latter only available on vinyl? Were any of these additional tracks released on CD? I wouldn't be surprised if this topic has been covered before but I would love to try and edit together a better Frenzy (maybe 10-12 tracks) and it seems the band may have all ready tried to re-organize it themselves.
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