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The Pineapple Head posted:

Love this! Glad someone else had an idea for the decade review! I'd be really interested to see anyone else's way of discussing the decade.

As Painaporo said: "the problem with Neil Finn is that his best songs are almost always slow or mid-tempo middle of the road pop songs. Don't get my wrong, they're the best songs ever written, but when you put them all together the result can be a bit dull. So you gotta spice it up with some of Neil's more interesting material. Otherwise you'll lose your listener."

So I have tried to make this mainly as making a listenable album, not necessarily just my favourite tracks. My other key point was representation. I went for 2-3 songs from each album. This is why I have These Are Conditions and Back To Life but no Amsterdam, Either Side of the World or Dizzy Heights. 

Anyway. I'm rather proud of this one.

Neil Finn: Chameleon Days (2010-2019)

1) Archer's Arrows (alternative version from deluxe edition)

2) Flying in the Face of Love

3) Chameleon Days

4) Back to Life

5) Love is Emotional (live recording version)

6) Better Than TV

7) Can't Put It Down Till It Ends

8) Pony Ride (Live 2014 as posted on Neil's YouTube channel)

9) The Law is Always on Your Side (live recording version)

10) Tell Me What You Want

11) Saturday Sun

12) These Are Conditions

13) We Know What It Means

14) Twice If You're Lucky

Here's a link:

The playlist is a great touch, I'll play it right now.

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