DECADE REVIEW: Build Your 'Best Of 2010s' Album

In the same spirit as The Pineapple Head's 'best/worst album of the 2010s' under the Finn Bros topic, here's a thread to construct your very own 'best of' album for Neil Finn from 2010-19. We're talking Intriguer, Pajama Club, Dizzy Heights, Out of Silence, Lightsleeper and miscellaneous.

Try to keep it around 15 songs or less, and CH 'Deluxe' songs from Intriguer only. I'll go first.

1. Saturday Sun
2. Archer's Arrows
3. Twice If You're Lucky
4. Only Way To Go Is Forward
5. Song of the Lonely Mountain
6. Dizzy Heights
7. Flying in the Face of Love
8. Pony Ride
9. Strangest Friends
10. In My Blood
11. Chameleon Days
12. Widow's Peak
13. Second Nature
14. Terrorise Me
15. Back to Life

Any Pajama Club songs deserving a spot, let me know. I really haven't given it a proper listen.

Now your turn!

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