Reply to "Crowded House "song moments""

Too many Finn moments to count but here are a few that come to mind ...

The bridge in "Fall At Your Feet"

The chorus in "Fall at Your Feet"

The bridge in "Love Is All That Remains"

When the music erupts at the beginning of "White Lies"

When Neil's vocal arrives in "Edible Flowers"

The bassline in "Flying In The Face of Love"

The end of "Archers Arrows"

The 2nd verse and bridge in "English Trees"

The first line of "She Goes On" ... that line always kills me

The end of "Lullaby Requiem"

The "did you suffer as a child" section of "Only Making Sense"

The guitar solo in "Fingers of Love"

The bridge of "Sunset Swim"

The mid-section of "Divebomber"

    All times London, UK.

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