Reply to "Crowded House "song moments""

sticking with Crowded House...

- Into the Lowlands, the guitar line at the start of the long instrumental section at the end

- Kill Eye, Paul's snare providing some "gunshots" after the line "shoot your way out of the bank"

- Into Temptation, when the Mellotron flutes come in during the last verse

- the transition between Tall Trees and Weather With You is perfectly judged. There's just enough time to almost settle down from Tall Trees but then Weather With You starts up, keeping the momentum going

- Whispers and Moans, the guitar solo following "weeping like a wounded beast"

- Pineapple Head, Neil's "eeeaaaeaaahh" singing at the end. Partly because (and this is audio nerdy) I think they intentionally put his vocal out of phase in that moment so it kind of "tickles" your ears, if you're wearing headphones especially

- Together Alone, "I'm still your friend / when you are in need"

- Nobody Wants To, "and you can see it if you want" - Neil's singing is so yearning and affecting there, but also for much of the rest of the song

- Pour le Monde, "and I wake up blind / like my dreams were too bright"

- She Walked Her Way Down, the transition into/including the second chorus, "and I'm happy to be here tonight, yeah..." Neil's voice sounds so good there


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