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Reply to "Crowded House vs Fleetwood Mac"

Hmmm...I give you......

The Beatles.....Sir Paul McCartney
Crowded House...Sir (surely) Neil Finn
Icicle Works....Ian McNabb (indulge me)

Solo stuff very rarely stacks up against previously successful group material - although there are always shining examples (and Mr Finn comes as close as anybody to pulling it off).

For me great groups are more than the sum of their individual parts. Therefore anyone going solo is up against it.

Which leads me to the point about Nick and Paul's input into the creative process as discussed elsewhere on this site. They had a huge input even if it can only be decribed as chemistry.

Just for the record (and getting back on track)...Fleetwood Mac???..SH*TE listened to by people who's idea of Hi-Fi is a ghetto blaster.
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