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Reply to "Crowded House-Peter Jones"

Originally posted by Jeremy Loder:
Adidasman, you are wrong. Paul left in 94, Peter Jones did officially replace him and drummed with them until their break up in 96.

Peter Jones was not a hired hand. He was a band member. He participated in the aborted 95 CH recording sessions. From which the song Help Is Coming comes from, which Jones also co wrote.

Paul only returned to play drums on the three new songs on Recurring Dream as it was the hits album was meant to mark the end of that era. Peer drummed at all overseas gigs to promote the best of, even when the break up announcement had been made. Paul only did the final aussie dates and the Farewell gig because the band was breaking up.

And my understanding from several sources is that when Neil and Nick got the band back together, Peter Jones was again offered the gig. As being a teacher is now apparently his main gig he turned it down.

Sorry but what you said really pissed me off. Not because it's a opinion thats different to mine. Hey I love and respect intelligent debate over good music, with like minded passionate people. But seriously dude, Peter Jones deserves more respect.
Gryphon says otherwise regarding Peter Jones being considered when they reformed, just a post or two above. If you can show me one single official picture of the band with Peter Jones in it, or one credit on a record or press release that mentions him AS A MEMBER OF THE BAND - not just as having played on a track - I'll apologize and revise my opinion of Peter Jones. His having played on the sessions they did in '95 doesn't mean anything; was Mitchell Froom ever considered a memeber of CH? No, and he played on tons of CH tracks. I don't mean to drag the guy down or anything, but he was just a fill-in. Nothing wrong with that. Anybody who got to play for a while with Crowded House has to be a good musician and a good guy, so my hat's off to him. (And I'm sorry I made you mad - I didn't mean to. I just think we need to keep Peter Jones' contribution to CH in perspective.)
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