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Reply to "Crowded House-Peter Jones"

Originally posted by Kittybear:
and yet Jeremy, Peter gets no acknowledgment on RD as being part of the band, the liner notes only state that CH are Neil Finn, Mark Hart and Nick Seymour. Confused

Peter's contribution is only acknowledged along with Tim, Eddie Rayner and Wally Ingram on the Live cd.

Yep, fair point. But that best of was representing the end of the first era with CH. So there weren't any songs on the studio best of disc to credit Peters drumming to. I actually think it was a mistake to bring back Paul to just play drums on those three new songs. Peter had drummed on at least the demo of Instinct. I love Paul and it was nice for fans to have him briefly come back. But I remember at the time feeling sorry for Peter.

Those band credits on recurring dream are not an accurate picture of who played on what. It makes it sound like Mark Hart played on every track, Tim only on Weather, Four Seasons and Natural and Paul was only a guest drummer for everything. No credit for Ricky for drums on Weather or any other guest musicians for each album.

Mark Hart only appears definitely on the four tracks from TA. He stated that his additional keyboard parts on Woodface didn't make it in the end and for the new songs on RD Mitchell Froom shut Mark out for most of it. And wasn't it mostly neil on a single guitar with Mitchell on keys.

And Tim plays on Fall At Your Feet as a band member too, plus backing vocalist for the Temple tracks.

Don't always trust the album credits of hastily released best offs.
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