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Reply to "Crowded House In New Zealand."

Excellent. Smiler
That Supergroove eh !. Big Grin
Looking forward to the Welly gig.

Thank You for the heads up on 'Where Are They Now?' Gryphon (aka P.G.).

Now there's a Split Enz link there with Space Waltz, not just Eddie Rayner.

But wasn't Alastair Riddell once asked to join Split Enz, but declined ?.
All promoters should have been in a band like Brett Eccles.
The Chunn brothers, a who's who of the N.Z. music scene.

So all we need now is a Split Enz re-union tour of N.Z. to follow on from the 2006 Australian tour, bring the Enz 'home' and lay them to rest, and my life will be complete. Roll Eyes

Any ho see all you Wellington Frenz at the gig. Cool

Oh Gryphon i guess if i asked what time the Wellington soundcheck was you wouldn't tell me ?...... Red Face

So see you all
    All times London, UK.

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