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Reply to "Crowded House In New Zealand."

Wow nice show for yours truly to re-enter touring life! Despite the flu bug seeming to be around band, crew, went well. I am still flu-free.

Soundcheck was fun, 12+ clubbers in, the guys acknowledging them, due to the smattering of applause that 12 people could muster in such a large venue. It is almost exactly the same as Melbournes Rod Laver- same company built it I believe ...I get lost in the same places!!!!

A new job was added to my list, band room back stage and dog trainer.8 wonderful retired greyhounds (Nicks idea) and the loveliest people owned them. After soundcheck the dogs rehearsed, we named one Madonna as she kind of took over, refused to let any other dog sleep on the mat (it wasnt her mat).. she also decided to lead the 8 onstage for a run... they seemed to love the crowd and were rather excited- they were the true stars of the night.
We were very careful, if there was a chance the dogs would not be happy it was all off...but they were great- many of us are now interested in having a retired greyhound as a pet. Not sure if banshee the cat will like that idea.

Neil sang so well despite having the flu, Matts hair grew to double the size before going on stage (how does he do that) Nick king of the dogs grabbing Mark and reaching out to the crowd..the addition of Davey Lane was cool- just hearing him playing on his won in the band room was a concert all on it's own.

Fave Songs- When you Come. Locked Out -killers as always, lovely singalongs from a passionate crowd during the usual numbers.... grabbed Tim from his seat upstairs (Tim and Marie and Bic were together)...great to finally see Bics 6 month old baby'her' first gig (with big ear covers)...Tim making the stage with time to spare for his joint-vocal ...a heroes welcome from the kiwis.

All in all a fine night...we felt the love!

Caught up with Eddie Rayner today for some filming and chat- I said I'd remind NZers that he will be on the "Where are they now' Tv show with Space Waltz (tonight or is it tomorow??Check your guides..they are playing I believe).

This is rushed, excuse the typeo's! Next stop Wellington and yes some snaps will be on the website eventually of Crowdies and those dogs. No idea if the dogs will be regulars, like I said being careful the animals are happy (and with greyhounds you can tell)...I think madonna could easily do this every night, the owners are going to have to change her name to that!

Take care and see you on the road
    All times London, UK.

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