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Reply to "Crowded House In New Zealand."

gotta say, I had an amzing time last night and it was VERY VERY good, not the same as the shows I have already been to (of course one could'nt expect that in a much larger venue)but, still it was more than worth coming down here for

the set list

Private Universe
4 Seasons
Don't Stop Now
Fall At Your Feet
Say That Again
Walked Her Way Down
When You Come
In My Command
Silent House
Locked Out
A Sigh (with Don McGlashan)
English Trees (ditto)
Mean To Me
Distant Sun

Encore 1

Something So Strong
Weather With You (with Timmeh )
It's Only Natural (ditto)

Before the second encore there were about 8 greyhounds running around on the stage in support of the greyhounds as pets project and Neil commented on how beautiful the doggies were and that he loves them... awwwww

Encore 2

Fingers Of Love
Mean To Me
Don't Dream It's Over


Neil was in a grey suit and almost white shirt with a stripey tie (which he said Nick told him to wear, but he did'nt know why he listened)

Nick was in his white suit and Mark in his dark suit and Matt was wearing a sort of mustardy yellowish shirt and deep orange tie

Ohhhhhh yes, my row buddies 3 & 4 seats down were none other than Emlyn Crowther and Mr Eddie himself

ahhhhh good stuff

Wish I could of waited after the show but my last ferry was only 20 minutes away and it was pouring rain plus I seem to be getting Neil's sniffles. I did try and take some photos but they did'nt work at all sorry guys

and it was wonderful to meet you alucidor, you are awesome Big Grin
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