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Reply to "Crowded House In New Zealand."

Well, last night Neil had no need to encourage the crowd to stand up. I think it may have been down to the support acts, who were both very good and very energetic, so the audience was well warmed up Smiler I almost thought that CH were going to be upstaged by Supergroove, wow did those guys put on a show!

Opening song was Private Universe, with Matt almost sounding like a full complement of Maori log drummers on his own. Very powerful. Second song (I think) was Don't Stop Now, and two guys went down to the stage, one of them gesturing the rest of us to follow. It didn't take long. I ended up just in front of Neil, and spent the rest of the show (over two hours) in the company of some very enthusiastic fans, all dancing, singing and clapping. OK, so the Vector Arena is bland and cavernous, but I didn't notice Smiler

Neil commended the guy who had started the dancing, saying he had a good command of the audience, and Nick went off to get a torch to pick the bloke out.

Tim played on WWY and It's Only Natural, and Don McGlashan did harmonies on a Sigh (yes, and it was wonderful) and played on English Trees which followed.

There were no covers or 'unusual songs', and not that much banter, it was really like a huge singalong party.

Davey Lane is still with the band - he seemed to be enjoying himself, and his harmonies are good. For all the discussions about the necessity of a fifth member, at several times last night there were six of them.

I didn't manage to get a setlist I'm afraid, and my memory is hopeless, but I'll post a few pics later. Matt was also snapping the crowd as he left the stage Smiler

Highlights for me were Private Universe, Say That Again, In My Command, A Sigh and Fingers of Love. One fantastic night.

But what on earth was that with the greyhounds???
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