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Reply to "Crowded House DVD debuts at #18"

Originally posted by gryphon:
[qb]Hey "S. God" all charts the ARIA DVD chart goes by sales from certain stores...HMV etc.
Targets and Woolies rarely count towards chart points BUT I prefer 5000 fans to buy it at $28 from Target then $36 at HMV if it means losing a few chart points no big in reality tthe Enz might be selling more then some of those artists but people are buying the DVD from a non chart store. That's what is happening with the Enz DVD, most sales are from cheaper stores. The Enz have sold about the same as our Skyhooks DVD but its top 20 and the Enz one isn't...
So the Crowdies are still doing well for a low budget release.....
Good point. I'm also pretty sure 100% of record sales from SAN!TY don't count towards the Aria chart either; they have their own chart (too cool for the rest of the nation Wink ), so it might even be worth looking on the SAN!TY chart for Dreaming, although last time I checked they only had a top 50 singles & albums chart (not a DVD chart, but I couldn't be certain).

Chart Update: Aria* haven't updated their DVD chart this week Frowner .
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