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Reply to "Crowded House at the Glass House..."

Originally posted by CMC:
M.R. - thanks for the great review! It was a pleasure to meet you at the show.

I went to both the Tempe and the Pomona shows, and though I enjoyed them both, I just loved the Pomona gig! The banter was more free-flowing, the mood more relaxed, and the set list a bit more malleable with the addition of the impromptu Recurring Dream and the Do You Want to Know a Secret snippet. A Beatles song sung by Neil - sheer bliss for me!

It was fantastic that Neil asked the surly, troll-like security guards to move to the side because "this crowd is so NOT dangerous." The security guards, though I am sure they are excellent at their jobs, did not seem impressed by the performances and were clearly perplexed by the fans and our enthusiasm and adoration.

Highlights for me were Fingers of Love, Private Universe, Silent House, Transit Lounge and Fall at Your Feet.

All the band seemed in very cheery spirits, especially Neil and Nick. They were clearly enjoying themselves! I also want to add my compliments to Liam and I hope he makes other guest appearances with them (hint, hint - Mountain Winery would be terrific!).

It was great meeting some Frenz in both places and we can only hope to meet again sometime - SOON.

The security guys between the audience and stage were clearly bored. They weren't watching the crowd, they were busy texting on their phones. At least they weren't driving. Ha!

Repertoire notwithstanding, I think Pomona was better then Tempe. I almost considered going to Coachella after. So glad I'm not. It's quite warm here in LA. The heat in the desert is gonna be brutal. I couldn't go anyway, we're going to the Troubadour for Arctic Monkeys. Woot! Smiler
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