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Reply to "Crowded House at the Glass House..."

Last night was truly amazing. I am still all abuzz and with hardly any sleep having to drive home to San Diego afterwards, but it was pure heaven. As always seeing Neil is a treat, for me it feels like a renunion with family and friends. Even when I don't know anyone in the room, everyone is so excited and you can just feel the energy bouncing off everyone. It's a great feeling. The added fact that Mark, Nick and Neil were on stage again together really made it feel like home, Sharon and Liam's presence and familiar faces out in the crowd as well. I didn't want it to end.

The highlights for me were Nick and Neil's rendition of 'Do You Want To Know a Secret' and the sweetest smile and gaze Neil made as he watched Liam dance in front of Sharon during, I think, Four Seasons in One day. The family man Neil definitely gives him huge kudos in my book.
The banter was as ridiculous and fun as ever. Nick didn't disspoint with his spontaneous versions of 'You Don't Own Me' and 'Bridge Over Trouble Waters'. And even Liam chirping in about the pronunciation of Mark's name in Africa. It was cute.

I was a little uncomfortable when Neil had technical problems during DDIO. maybe it was just me, but he seemed really upset. I hate tense situations, and I just got this vibe as he got the audience to start help him get over it. It worked, he seemed back to his old self soon enough. But there was a few awkward seconds when I felt so bad.

Extra added bonus, Neil and company walked past the line out front before the doors opened and smiled and waved at the fans. Very casual. Nick even stopped to talk to a few. It really was a great evening.

Now I have no regrets about missing out on Coachella, I think the heat would kill me anyhow, because the intimacy last night was just to die for. I happen to be in London on holiday in June, so I will be seeing the Hyde Park Calling festival and that should be quite a change, but it's something else to look forward.

So glad this forum is here to talk about the band.

Oh, and Liam's opening....I love his individuality, my daughter (17), now has a little crush. She really liked his artsy set. I did too.

Sorry to blab on, I'm just still on a House high that is for sure!
    All times London, UK.

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