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COLLECTION FOR SALE: Singles, unofficial & rarities. 20 CDs, DVD, VHS. Crowded House & Finn Bros

Having a clear out. Plenty of hard to find singles, rarities and an unofficial/bootleg.

  • Seductive and Emotional (unofficial/bootleg)
  • Songs from Neil Finn promo disc from The Independent  
  • Private Universe (single)
  • Distant Sun (single)
  • Distant Sun (max CD single)
  • Nails in my Feet (single, 2 CDs)
  • After Glow including promo poster
  • Instinct
  • Everything is good for you (CD single)
  • Triple M, Cordless CD, (includes 2 Crowded House songs, not shown in photos)
  • Special Edition Live Edition & Very Best of
  • DVD - Farewell to the World. 2 DVDs
  • VHS - I like to watch
  • 7 Worlds Collide, Live at the St James.
  • Together alone
  • Farewell to the World 2CDs
  • Woodface
  • Temple of low men.
  • Neil Finn- try whistling this.
  • Finn
  • Tim Finn- Before &After
  • Neil Finn- One Nil
  • The Finn Brothers - Everyone is here.

I know this forum is not for auctions and that's not my intention. There are no bids so far and just looking for a good home. Happy to put a buy now Hope you can find something you are looking for in hear!

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