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Eastern Shore Craig posted:

I pulled my old CD collection out of storage in response to a recent request here on this forum. My music is all digital now, so if any of my stuff fills a hole for someone on this forum feel free to speak up -- not looking to profit, and don't really care whether any of these go or stay ... just making available here. I've sold a number of things in the last week, so folks can vouch for me!

Here's what I've got that I'm willing to part with, in no particular order:

  • Club CD - I Like It Rare #4 (will include bonus CDR of I Like It Rare #1)
  • Signed - Finn (signed by Neil & Tim, purchased through FOTE)
  • Signed - Private Universe single (signed by Neil, purchase through FOTE)
  • Signed - Time On Earth (signed by Neil, purchased through FOTE)
  • Signed - EnzSO (signed by Noel & Tim, purchased through FOTE)
  • Chocolate Cake single
  • Fall At Your Feet single
  • Locked Out single
  • Rest Of The Day Off single
  • 7 World Collide
  • 7 Worlds Collide - Sun Came Out
  • Other Enz - Split Enz & Beyond
  • Tim Finn - Escapade
  • Rain soundtrack CD album
  • The Holy Toledos - Blood
  • Tarmac Adam - Handheld Torch
  • Liam Finn - I'll Be Lightning
  • Liam Finn & Eliza Jane - Champagne In Seashells
  • Betchadupa - Betchadupa
  • Betchadupa - The Alpabetchadupa
  • Betchadupa - The 3Dep

If you are interested in any of this, particularly if you want a bunch that can be combined into a single shipping effort, just shoot me a note. And if not, no problem -- they all go back into storage!

Lots more stuff digital only that is part of my collection, and a handful of things that are personal and I'd never part with ... and still mourning my inability to ever win one of the FOTE auctions for gold/platinum albums!

Updated list above to remove six items ...

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