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Reply to "Brussels gig on Friday 19 October"

Ok, I just got back!

What can I add... it was by far the best gig I have seen in ages! (not counting Split Enz last year. That is impossible to beat I think!).

The first thing I need to say: MATT, YOU ROCK!! This guy is a fantastic drummer, and a nice guy to boot!

Thank you for the setlist Guy, I really couldn't remember it anymore. Where were you all of a sudden by the way??

Back to the gig- When Private Universe started I got the feeling this was going to be one hell of a night- and it was!! It was so different from Stockholm last week. Voorst is a rather huge venue, and at first I wondered what effect that would have on the gig, because I usually prefer the smaller venues. Well, not in this case! Huge sing-alongs, and the most surprising part was that a lot of people seemed to know the lyrics to TOE! As Neil would say, Noice!!
We even had a sing-along at the end of Heaven That I'm Making... pretty cool!

I was hoping for Hole in the River, we got that, I was hoping for Fingers of Love, we got that too, Into Temptation, Spirit of the Stairs (which, admittedly, I didn't quite notice Roll Eyes ), Transit Lounge, Silent House.. we had them all! At the end Nick asked for requests, and I couldn't think of anything!

I know Mark has done Born on the Bayou before, but I have never heard it, and I found his voice very surprising. But really cool!

Neil and Nick didn't want to stop, that was pretty clear, not to sure about Mark though. Wink

We met the guys after the gig, and they still seemed to be in high spirits. We had to wait for quite some time though, and got marched off the premises by a guard twice.. Never mind, I wa able to tell Matt that I felt he really rocked, and I really wanted to do that.

Ozzies and Kiwis, you're in for a treat!!

It was great to meet al the Frenz again, and the friends of the Frenz, and I hope to see all of you soon!

Lamb, enjoy Paris!!

Piglet, RAH??
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