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Reply to "Brussels gig on Friday 19 October"

As I'm still digesting last night, I just thought of something I hadn't reported yet: Neil Finn's call for insurrection.

Vorst Nationaal has security guys (black coats, black glasses, black everything) and they were sitting - get this! - facing away from the stage. Neil started it like this:
"What, can't you stand up?"
Audience shouting and pointing at the men in black.
Neil: "Ah, they're waiting for something to start at the back of the room."
Roars of laughter from the audience. The men in black folded up their chairs and left so everyone was free to stand, to run to the stage and to dance as much as we liked. Thank you, Mr. Finn!

I saw lots of flashbulbs go off during the show and people were taking pics with their cell-phones. As my cellphone dates from the paleolithic, could someone more technically advanced please post some photos?

The radio reported this morning that the band set Vorst on fire ("Crowded House speelde de pannen van het dak"), which I thought was an accurate description. Cool

Still reminscing ... with a big smile on my face.
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