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Reply to "Brussels gig on Friday 19 October"

What a show!!!!! What happened? We us Belgians plua lot of Dutchmen singing that good? we're the band so in great form? \probably... Ans what about this...

1 Private universe
2 Four seasons in one day
3 Don't stop now
4 Fall at your feet
5 Transit lounge
6 Pour le monde
7 In my command
8 When you come
9 Silent house
10 Hole in the rive / Parting glass
11 Don't dream it's over
12 Heaven that I'm making
13 Walked her way down
14 Locked out
15 Distant sun
16 World where you live
17 Italian plastic
18 Weather with you
19 Fingers of love
20 Pineapple head / Spirit of the stairs
21 Into temptation
22 Born on the bayou
23 Mean to me
24 Better be home soon

We didn't want to let them go, but I got the feeling they didn't want to leave the stage either...

One of the best concerts I've seen in my life!!!

I'll leave the other highlights to others, whcantype peacefully at home instead of ahostel Smiler
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