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Reply to "Brand New Forum System!"

Originally Posted by mummakook:

Looking good so far. Do you happen to know if there's any way of turning off notifications for this thread on my emails at all? Just that I'm currently getting repeats of everything everyone says for every thread I'm subscribed to, yet I'm not subscribed to this one


Thanks for all the work.

You need to go into your profile.


Click Your Notifications


Scroll down the page to where it says forums.  There is a click link on the right hand side to show all forums - click on that.


You can then click which notification options you want for each forum - if you don't want any notifications take the ticks out of all the boxes.


Also if you post in a topic the default is for you to be notifed of any further posts - you will need to remove the tick in the box before you hit the reply button.

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