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Brand New Forum System!

Hello! It's 21 August 2012, and we have a brand new forum system. We've been with the same company since June 2000, and we just keep updating to their new systems. This one looks pretty cool, and there will be more features coming.


Please poke around. The old things are here, but some are in new places with new names. We're connected to Facebook, and there are lots of other great ways to stay in touch. For example, Private Messages are now called Dialogs. I didn't do that!


You can also tag posts, so get your keywords ready.


Use "Follow This" Forum or Topic to get emailed when something new happens. 


I'm still cleaning some things up, but let's try opening this pup up!


Have questions about the new system? Ask here. I'll answer or find out the answer!


Thanks for your support,

Debbie aka FrenzWebmistressDeb

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