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Reply to "Bootlegs, Taboo????"

Hi Everyone - Been I awhile since I last typed, but thought I better jump back in!

I'll look at the Bootleg with a radio point of view (since I work in Radio).

At the station I work at, we have a few CH live stuff now and I am still downloading more as I speak.

I usually like to play the live stuff every now and again because it gives people an different view on an artist.

We as a radio station are protected to play this stuff on-air thanks to the AMCOS/APRA Agreement.
What that means is we pay a royalty each type a song is played.

Though we are allowed to play this rare stuff, thre is one condition. We are NOT allowed to make any copies to sell or giveaway to anyone.
And that original source of music (wether it's on tape or CD or whatever) is NOT allowed to leave the station premises.

All legal mumbo jumbo, but in the end it's good for everyone, because though we didn't pay for the original source, the artist gets a royality each time we play it and they get exposure - while listeners get to hear something different.

I might add though - as a fan I always go out of my way to buy a CD when it is released (might want my money back on afterglow!!!!!!)

Hope that adds something.

Good to be back Smiler

NOW in Bordertown, South Australia, Australia
Population:2,500 - And i'm on the only radio station in town Big Grin
    All times London, UK.

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