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Reply to "Bootlegs, Taboo????"

Nice post, Peter Smiler . (I just thought you might have problems sleeping tonight if someone else didn't compliment you on your fantastic post Wink ).

Did anyone ever consider that the people paying that sort of price for dodgy bootlegs of fanclub CDs must already be pretty massive fans & would have probably already brought Neil Finn's complete back catalogue? Just a thought. I'm sure that thought had already entered everyone's minds, but still worth mentioning... at least I thought it was Roll Eyes ...

The people actually going out of their way to rip off the fanclub CDs are defenitly not about "distributing music to everyone because music should be free" - they are making a packet out of it & it should be illeagal (well it is, but you wouldn't know it), especially if they are actually passing them off as the official copies & because they are so rare. Me, on the other hand... in the past few weeks, I have had three people go out & buy Recurring Dream from my local record store. Why? Because I made a whole batch of CDs comprising of Neil Finn songs - mainly material that was never released on an album... & it sounds fantastic!

For those of you who think this is wrong...

#1 - You can't buy this album anywhere, let alone most of the songs.

#2 - It has already got a few people into Neil Finn & some have even gone & brought Recurring Dream for $20! Success @ last!

#3 - Apart from also including the sleeve design in a graphics project at school (which I got an A for Smiler ), my only reason for doing this was to promote Neil Finn's music. No other way was working, but from this - comes a tiny bit of publicity... even if it is only going to turning a few people into lifelong fans.

#4 - I made absolutley no money from this. I didn't even charge anyone the price of a CD-R (come to think of it... I actually lost heaps of money on it because of having to buy the CD-Rs... DAMN! Frowner )

P.S.) Silke - I nicked one of your really cool photos of Neil from your website for the CD cover. Thanks. I hope you don't mind... & if you do... I guess you can just hate me forever Smiler .
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