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Reply to "Bic Runga's Beautiful Collision - hit or miss?"

I agree with you Heidi - that is exactly what I meant about maturity. She has confidence in herself to explore different styles of music.

I guess for me, I don't really listen to Bic Runga for her lyrics. I like her lyrics, but I just have never been blown away by them. I was listening to both albums yesterday and I don't think that the lyrics of the first album are that much better than the second, but I was not studying them intensely.
The lyrics on her second album are not included and the first album they are kind of hard to read on the CD sleeve. Maybe there is a link to them somewhere?

Many times when I listen to music, the lyrics are the last thing that I really "hear" if that makes any sense. I guess I like the overall "feel" of the second album better, I like the mood that it sets. I think the melodies in the songs are beautiful and the lyrics, when I really hear what they are saying, fit perfectly with the songs...

But, I am one of the people that likes Paul Mc Cartney's "Press To Play" album...He, he!

Anyways...I agree MissingPerson, To each their own!

Oh and by the way, I don't know if I agree that this album is commercial...
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