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Reply to "Bic Runga's Beautiful Collision - hit or miss?"

My very first impression hearing "Beautiful Collision" was, "This is so mellow...." I thought too mellow, especially compared with the first.
But then I listened to it again and kept listening to it and now I love it!

I don't really like her first album that much though, I always felt that some of the songs are great but then the album just kind of peeters out and the songs become annoying...maybe how you feel about her new one, I don't know!

I think that her song writing has vastly improved but then again she's older and more mature. I think that the album is very consistant; it is more subtle; I think it really shows her confidence as a song writer, singer, and performer. It is a departure in some ways, maybe not everyone will like it. I think it's gutsy in a way...She uses banjos(I remember when there was all this bru ha ha about Sophie B Hawkins using banjos on one of her albums - the record company didn't think that was commercial) she also has a song that is almost like a waltz... Her singing on this album is un-real, I love the way her vocals kind of lazily glide over the top of the music, though I think to sing in that kind of way is really hard. She really has "found her voice"
I played it for some of my girlfriend's this weekend, and they all really liked it and asked me who she was.

I know when I listen to it, I just get lost in the beauty of the music and her voice and I appreciate it that way...great for long walks. Smiler

I am enjoying it immensely , but that is just me Smiler

p.s. I would love to hear what other people think of it too....
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